Amberlite Swatches

Our swatch policy.

In the first instance you can request a maximum of three samples only and these are provided free of charge to any UK address. We can of course offer further samples for evaluation as the scheme develops. For requests outside the UK there is a standard shipping charge.

In return all we ask for is feedback!

Arctic White
Cracked Ice
Sicilian White
Linen White
Persian White *
Alabaster White
Onyx White
Marble White
Royal Onyx
Alaskan White *
Tibetan White *
Artesian White *
Cloud White
Chiffon White
Alabastro Cremo
Alabastro Egyptian
Caramel Nuvalato
Colorado Yellow
Arco Iris
Paradise *
Amber Gold
Cracked Caramel
Ochre *
Giallo Sienna
Fuschia *
Cappucino *
Green Onyx
Kashmir Green
Smoke Grey

* Designs marked * are only available in 2400 x 1600 x 14mm