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Exquisitely hand-crafted backlit marble, backlit quartz and backlit agate

Ammonite is the jewel in our crown. Naturally formed gemstones, finely cut and precision set to create exquisite and luxurious surfaces and feature walls with all the dazzle and resilience of diamonds. 

Our hand-crafted, polished gemstone surfaces sparkle with iridescent natural beauty. Each is completely unique; carefully selected gemstones such as opal, agate or amethyst are arranged by hand to emphasise their natural glamour and create a particular design or layout if required.  

Backlighting is used to give different effects or moods. The end result for backlit marble, backlit quartz and backlit agate are always an inspirational, artistic creation and a stunning focal point.  

Ammonite can be designed to fit a statement furniture piece, or incorporated into walls, floors or work surfaces. Whether for an exquisite bathroom or backlit marble kitchen, backlit Onyx countertops or commercial space, all our backlit quartz and backlit agate creations are entirely bespoke.

We ship Ammonite Worldwide. Please contact us to request a sample.
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