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What do you want to achieve?

You will have arrived here perhaps for inspiration and ideas of how to create a WOW moment or perhaps you wish to invoke a particular mood or even something to impress but whatever it is, we can create it together. 

We use the most beautiful natural, organic and man-made materials along with cutting-edge lighting technology, to create show-stopping interiors. 

Creating the WOW factor

Translucent Creations are experts in making unusual and unique ideas a reality using backlit decorative panels made from all kinds of materials from stone and gemstones to glass, resins and acrylics, even fabrics or wood.

We’re proud to work with leading designers and supply products around the globe, helping to create impressive and stunning environments that instantly transform the mood.

Lighting is equally as important as the translucent materials themselves and when the right mixture is achieved then it all comes together. 

Backlit onyx comes to life, timber veneers show depth that has never been seem before. Acrylic is transformed into something unrecognisable and gemstones take on another dimension. 

We can now add fabrics and other organic materials to an infinite array of translucent possibilities.

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Translucent Creations

Using natural stone to create something magical


Discover Nature’s hidden secrets and how to use it to transform modern decor. We can advise on the very best solutions to meet your exact requirements.

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We are very proud of the work we have produced for many happy clients. Please take some time to see the quality of workmanship and finish that we continuously provide.

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