Specialist Support Services

Unique and individual designs often take extra care and specialist expertise to turn the vision into an impressive reality.

Understanding not only the potential of different materials such as stone, glass, decorative resin panels and fabric to name a few – but also the practical elements and limitations – is important if the final result is to fulfil its potential. In addition to our extensive range of products, we also offer support services if required:

Backlighting Advice

Backlighting can transform a translucent panel from a decorative surface into an inspirational talking point – but only when done correctly. We always provide our clients with all the backlighting advice and guidance that they require. Backlit semi-precious stone has never looked so good!

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Installation Services

When working with new materials and using them to create entirely individual and exciting new effects, the journey from concept to reality can sometimes present challenges. It’s impossible to ‘window shop’ when something entirely new is being done, be it a decorative resin panel or a full Onyx wall.

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