Lightweight Stone

Lightweight Stone

Lightweight stone is an innovative range of lightweight natural stone that can be used in many situations where natural stone would be too heavy or be cost prohibitive.

Our range of lightweight stone weighs less than natural stone, has less installation time and is less expensive. This innovative range of stone is the same as granite, marble, onyx and limestone but is a fraction of the installation rate of conventional thickness stone.

Our lightweight stone solutions make it possible for natural stone to be used in many different situations. It can be used in home interiors such bathrooms, lift interiors, marine applications, corporate interiors, ceilings and furniture. Our solutions can also be applied to stud work and MDF as well as directly over existing fixes.

When using this stone, complicated fixing systems and structural considerations are not an issue as it can be fixed simply with adhesive.

There are many advantages to using this stone:

  • The same stone, with the same finish
  • The thickness is 8mm
  • The weight is from 14 kilos per square metre
  • It is 50 times stronger than 2cm stone
  • It is easy to handle
  • It is easy to install
  • Can be installed with adhesive directly over existing finishes
  • Ideal for wet areas
  • Ideal solution for weight sensitive applications

Our clients include:

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