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Amberlite – Faux Backlit Onyx. Unlimited possibilities, total design freedom

Amberlite is a man-made material with the appearance of real natural stone but offers far greater design flexibility. Curved, drilled or moulded into complex translucent panel designs and shapes – it’s a surprisingly affordable way to transform any space.

Man-made Amberlite is naturally translucent and coloured by hand. This faux Onyx looks fantastic when backlit.

For more ambitious designs or difficult spaces, Amberlite faux Onyx is an excellent choice as it can be sculpted, curved, moulded, drilled and cut into any specified shape. Typically, Amberlite panels are 2440 x 1220mm, with other sizes available on request.

Amberlite is now available with both faces polished allowing both sides to be displayed, providing new application possibilities such partitions and privacy screens, room dividers and door infills, where both artificial and natural light is still able to pass through.

It’s extremely durable, heat and scratch resistant, as well as non-porous and food safe – all of which makes it the ideal material for use in limitless commercial or functional applications. 

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We now offer a new range of Amberlite, with tactile qualities and personalised designs available. Find out more about Amberlite Touch.

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