Amberlite -

Faux Onyx Panels


Amberlite, faux onyx panels, comprise of man-made materials with the appearance of real natural stone. However, unlike natural stone it offers far greater design flexibility and unlimited possibilities. It can be curved, moulded or drilled into complex translucent panel designs and shapes. It gives total design freedom and is a surprisingly affordable way to transform any space.

Man-made Amberlite is naturally translucent and coloured by hand. These faux onyx panels look fantastic when backlit.

Amberlite is the ideal choice for more ambitious designs or difficult spaces as it can be sculpted, curved, moulded, cut and drilled into any specified shape.

Amberlite is produced using hand eye coordination and not with a machine. Modern materials are used to create these bespoke designs and we ensure each batch is as unique as the next.

Typically, Amberlite panels are 2440 x 1220mm, with other sizes available on request.

Amberlite panels are available with both faces polished so both sides can be displayed. This provides further application possibilities such partitions and privacy screens or room dividers and door infills. This allows both artificial and natural light to still able to pass through.

Amberlite panels are extremely durable, heat and scratch resistant. They are also non-porous and food safe so it is the ideal material to use in limitless commercial or functional applications.

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