Specialist backlighting advice and guidance

Backlighting can transform a translucent panel from a decorative surface into an inspirational talking point – but only when done correctly. 

It is vital to give as much thought and care to backlighting as is given to the decorative panel itself in order to avoid expensive mistakes or disappointment with the final installation. The materials used, the area, size and shape to be illuminated, the distance between the wall and the panel, how lights are to be attached – these are all key considerations that need to be addressed with care. 

As well as the practical points, it’s also important to understand the desired mood as lighting can change the ambiance from radiant excitement to subtle calm at a flick of a switch. The lighting solution needs to reflect the preferred outcome.

As specialists in the illumination of many unusual materials including stone, man-made surfaces, glass and fabric, we are happy to share our knowledge and experience. Please contact us if you would like advice on how to light a translucent design feature.

We also offer bespoke design and installation support if needed, even if you have not purchased products from us.

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