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Why choose Translucent Creations?


We work with architects and designers around the world, finding exciting and innovative new ways to turn an ambitious vision into an impressive reality, whether it is a backlit marble wall or a backlit onyx countertop. Our only limit is your imagination. 

One of the key advantages of working with Translucent Creations is that we are specialists. Natural stone, gemstones and glass can be challenging. By choosing us, you’ll discover that we not only have a passion for creating amazing translucent effects, we also understand the practical limitations of these materials and, importantly, can ensure expensive mistakes are avoided.

We can assist with design and make recommendations for the best solution for your particular requirements, and help you to achieve the effect you want. Sometimes the most expensive materials are not the most appropriate; we can address issues with installation and durability for example, without losing impact. 

Ultimately, working with specialists will always be beneficial. You can draw upon our extensive experience and free advice, and we have the pleasure of creating a unique and stunning new design and visual statement that will stand the test of time. 

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