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Our Story

Translucent Creations was formed in 1980 following a chance meeting in Italy which is where I witnessed the first ever piece of veneered stone onto glass. It was held up by a crane and the rays of the sun was penetrating the panel allowing all the beauty that only real natural stone can provide. The colours, the movement and depth achieved by veneering a piece of real natural stone to a thickness of only 5mm was beyond my imagination and at that moment Sheerstone was born and Translucent Creations was formed. Since then, we have supplied Sheerstone for thousands of projects Worldwide.

Following on from the origination of Sheerstone, translucent stone became a must have for high end interior design, with commercial projects then following trend. However, Sheerstone does not lend itself to intricate design. It is also heavy and comes with a price tag to match. It was at this time that Amberlite was added to the portfolio. We refer to Amberlite as a faux onyx. It is man-made but it is not printed and is coloured by hand. Amberlite can be curved and formed to any design. It is lightweight compared to other translucent panels and looks great when backlit.

Not everyone loves the appearance of stone the way we do and the newest product added to the Translucent Creations portfolio is Decorative Panels. Decorative Panels lean, in the main, towards subtlety with textiles such as silk and botanics to bring the outside to interior design. Our Decorative Panels bring calmness and serenity of the outside in multiple forms. Taking using flora and encapsulating the beauty of nature within a composite panel retaining the wonder of a leaf or plant or blade of grass based on traditions of Feng shui. These panels are produced using a material referred to as PETG, which is recognised as a food-safe material which is resistant to all known common bacteria. It requires no maintenance. From decorative feature walls to movable screens to panels used within furniture design.


We can assist with design and make recommendations for the best solution for your particular requirements, and help you to achieve the effect you want. Sometimes the most expensive materials are not the most appropriate; we can address issues with installation and durability for example, without losing impact. 

Ultimately, working with specialists will always be beneficial. You can draw upon our extensive experience and free advice, and we have the pleasure of creating a unique and stunning new design and visual statement that will stand the test of time. 


For more information about Translucent Creations click below or call our London office: 0203 292 0616