Factors to Consider when Installing Backlighting Solutions

Backlighting SolutionsBacklighting solutions can be used to create a myriad of stunning moods and effects. It is, however, imperative to get it right. Here are some of the factors to consider when installing backlighting.

Backlighting Solutions, Surface Materials and Light Sources

This is fairly obvious – if you wanted to install backlighting behind a plastic-based surface, for instance, you would not want a light source that generates lots of heat.

Backlighting Solutions 1Backlighting Solutions, Surface Density and Thickness

Surface densities and thicknesses significantly impact how much light shines through materials. Considering these factors when determining the most suitable type and intensity of lighting and the distance between surface and light source is therefore of utmost importance.

Backlighting Solutions and Distance to Surface

Placing backlighting panels too closely to the surface could easily result in light sources showing through the material. Image 1, for instance, shows the difference between getting the distance just right (top) and LED nodes showing through the surface because the panel has been installed too close (bottom, please note that this is a somewhat simplified mock-up).

Backlighting Solutions, Intensity of LightingBacklighting Solutions 2

Getting light intensity right is equally important, as excessive intensity may result in loss of colours and patterns (see Image 2), while inadequate intensity will produce a dull, lacklustre appearance.

Backlighting Solutions and Carrier Materials

Carrier materials can affect light intensity. A highly reflective carrier, for example, may increase overall intensity sufficiently to cause the same detrimental effects as shown above.

Backlighting Solutions, Spacing Light Sources

The spacing of light sources will determine whether your panels are evenly lit or show an uneven assortment of hot and cold (light and dark) spots.

Backlighting Solutions 3Backlighting Solutions, Colour Temperature

Colour temperature (light colour) also affects how your surface will ultimately look. Image 3 shows the of effect different coloured light on Sheerstone ‘Egyptian Blue’, for example.

Backlighting Solutions and Moods

Lighting can change ambiance from soothing calm to radiant excitement at the flick of a switch. Backlighting solutions must consider desired moods and reflect preferred outcomes.

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