Introducing a New Range of Acrylic Custom Made Panels

Translucent Creations proudly introduce an exciting new range of stunningly beautiful acrylic custom made panels with virtually unlimited design possibilities available at our new website The Decorative Panel Company.

dpc-circlesAcrylic Custom Made Panels

Artfully designed and created by the highly skilled, innovative team behind Translucent Creations, this exciting new product encapsulates an endless choice of materials including anything from organic/botanical elements to metals, textiles and beyond within an infinite colour palette of custom-made acrylic panels.

Whether you hope to transform café tables or counter/bar tops or fronts into stunning works of art, bring the stylish elegance of wood-veneer into your office, transform your bathroom walls with a sea of shells or bay grass or turn your ceiling into a starry night sky glittering with flecks of silver or gold, we have the decorative acrylic panel to turn your interior design dreams into stunning reality.

Versatile and incredibly easy to install, these bespoke 0.05”/1.27 mm gauge panels are:

  • Class A fire-rated
  • Suitable for use on ceilings, doors, furniture, partitions and walls
  • Delivered complete with trims and opaque back panels in a range of gorgeous colours

Containing at least 40{581ee0b10ac485aab42a024de28e4cf010529bf27b29446ec6ec0e6b677d4b83} of recycled materials, these stunning panels inhibit microbial growth within organic materials and can be:

  • Produced in any required shape/size
  • Provided complete with all fixing hardware, installation and stunning lighting options

Bringing timeless beauty to any space, from healthcare, hospitality, residential and retail to corporate, education and government applications, our new acrylic custom made panels are the perfect solution to bringing your interior design visions to breathtakingly beautiful life.