Largest frameless LED panel

Sometimes size does matter and our Edge2Edge Acrylic panels are only 10mm thick and can be manufactured to any shape and with a maximum panel size of 3 x 2 metres are believed to be the largest available with uniform light over the entire face. You can chose between a range of outputs and all …

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Translucent Granite Luis Blu

There appears to be a shift away from the usual requests for yellow materials toward the blues and none more spectacular than this one. Luis Blu is in fact a granite that originates from Brazil and is further processed as a thin 5mm veneer onto glass with amazing translucency when backlit. Granite of course is …

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Backlit granite

Whilst we are always receiving requests for onyx, marble and alabaster, it seems like granite gets overlooked. Now perhaps that is because folks are just not aware that when reduced to a thickness of 5mm and applied to glass translucency is entirely possible. Or perhaps it is because granite is associated with functionality and durability …

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Classic backlit marble

Hey, looks like the classics are making a come-back and its about time. Maybe just because we seem to have received more enquiries for marble recently or maybe a growing trend, who knows, but as long as we are able to service any needs then it is nice to see the classic marbles making a …

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Backlit onyx

Onyx is an expensive material so you will need a healthy budget to begin with but with when backlit this beautiful material can turn into something amazing. It of course has to be done correctly, a few T5 tubes or poorly spaced LED strips really will not do you any favours. We are often asked …

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Backlit granite floor

Brazilian granite provides the answer. We were tasked with finding a solution to the design brief for a backlit stone floor for a private clients central London apartment. Sheerstone uses a thin veneer of natural stone laminated to glass but in a private home the risk of having stone as the upper surface posed a …

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White onyx inlay

Advancements in cutting techniques reduces conventional stone thickness to only 5mm providing translucency to a wide range of natural stones. We are delighted to offer the addition of bespoke stone veneered inlays laminated to glass in any choice of natural stones to almost any design.

Rhode Island USA

Our clients are from all walks of life from Designers/Architects/Contractors and of course the general public. We were approached by a private client earlier this year to assist in developing an LED system that would provide even distribution of light for her items of stained glass. Over the coming months sketches and ideas were exchanged …

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[huge_it_gallery id=”17″]   The original concept by Sedley place Architects in South London for a new restaurant venture was to have a 6 metre long x 1200 at its widest point underlit onyx counter top backlit, with LED’s incorporating a down stand on all edges of what in plan appeared as a large question mark …

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Exports on the rise

A major Gemstone supplier is using our Edge2Edge LED panels using cool white LED’s to determine the optical clarity of emeralds. Each LED panel is hand size with optimum brightness and comes complete with low voltage transformer and dimming option.

How to create a grand entrance

The flexibility of our Giallo Amberlite material allowed panels to follow the lines of the existing 1929 staircase without pre forming and when backlit with LED’s the result speaks for itself.

Quaglino’s re-opens after facelift

Originally opened its doors in 1929 frequented by celebrities and Royalty, Quaglino’s has undergone a facelift. In keeping with its ‘Art Deco’ feel and now includes a backlit staircase and feature bar top to match.